Relationship & Craft

“I am giving Jim my highest recommendation”

– Barbara Thompson, Interior Designer

  • Brushaber Wood Design crafts fine custom furnishings, integrating form, function, and quality.
  • Practical can be beautiful and timeless, and reflect your style preferences.  Jim truly listens to your needs and design ideas.  No idea is too crazy- unique projects are always a mix of what may seem unconventional and what is possible.  
  • We source our materials from certified sustainable vendors, including locally salvaged wood.
  • Jim loves collaborating with complimentary local artisans to create truly unique and exciting furniture pieces. Metal, glass, artistic finishes… our city is rich in artistic talent!

Custom Furniture in Denver, Colorado

by Jim Brushaber

Meet Jim Brushaber

Experienced woodworker, craftsman, furniture builder & designer 

Jim Brushaber is an independent artisan specializing in custom furniture in Denver, Colorado.  Jim has worked professionally in woodworking since 1993, operating his own custom furniture business since 1999. Laboring over every detail from sketch to finished piece, he sets high standards for himself and his work,

always striving to perfect his craft.  Whether translating sketches from a professional designer for that pinnacle element of a master plan, designing a storage solution doubling as a unique heirloom for a homeowner, or creating signature displays for a fine boutique which help define its’ identity… Jim puts his experience, skill, heart and soul into each piece.  View the Gallery for examples of Jim’s work.

What is “custom”?

Originality • Creative Process • Optimal Dimension 

In the modern world of furniture, the word “custom” can be applied to choosing a finish or fabric from a limited palette selection for an item which is still mass-produced in a factory.  Although a fine choice for many, this isn’t truly custom furniture.

A craftsman is approached with an idea.  This individual spends hours conceiving, designing and engineering

a project.  Sketches, phone calls and meetings, dozens of solid wood and fine veneers to choose from, sample finish boards…too dark, too red…aaah-that’s it!  And that’s just the beginning…

Ordering and purchasing the materials, milling the rough wood, cutting out the pieces, engineering joinery that will last, pre-assembly, gluing, clamping, planing, sanding, detail work (carving, turning, inlay, veneering), sanding again, layers of finish needing to dry and re-sand before the next layer, installing hardware if needed for doors and drawers, then final assembly.  After many days, often weeks of physically demanding and mentally challenging handiwork, and fussing over details as any serious artisan would… a unique piece of furniture is born. 

Now that’s custom!