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Live Edge Wood Slabs

Skip the middleman, we have some beautiful live

edge wood slabs in stock. Large local Elm book match (2 pieces) available for a fantastic dining or conference table. Small to medium sizes of Walnut, Russian Olive, maple,

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Elm, and Spruce for smaller dining table; small, medium or large coffee table, side tables, desk

top, sofa or hall table, bench, ledge, mantle, feature shelf.

Prices for live edge wood is skyrocketing, so take advantage! Only a few in the photo, more available.

We can resource slabs of any size, including local salvage.

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Jim Brushaber in his shop

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Looking for a woodworker in Denver who specializes in custom furniture?  We serve locations throughout Colorado.

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Brushaber Wood Design works with professional interior designers in Denver and surrounding areas, Boulder, Roaring Fork Valley, and beyond.

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class=””>Not a designer? We also love working with home or business owners who just have great ideas throughout Colorado.


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